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Digital Interaction Evolution

The interaction between humans (human to human, human to machine) and machines (machine to machine) is changing, fast. New technologies have changed the way we communicate and interact entirely. We call this transformation the Digital Interaction Evolution, also known as Digie. This evolution challenges companies, cities and governments on a daily basis. Shaping the future is everyone’s goal, but how do you reach that goal and have you got what is needed to stay relevant in the digital age. These and many other questions can be answered by our team of purpose-driven digital leaders who have earned their credits by successfully transforming companies, governments, cities and entire ecosystems. 

We believe in sustainable (safe, secure and convenient) solutions with a positive (societal) impact that enables and ensures trust in the digital age. Digie is the new kid on the block that takes boutique consultancy to another level. Let us help you become the digital leader that your customers, citizens and clients deserve. Together we empower the people through digital trust. We help you meet or set the standards on a global level!

Meet the Managing Partners

Arthur Dallau

As a seasoned change manager, (digital) leader and board member he relishes to work in complex environments with political, societal and business challenges. As a known expert and speaker Arthur combines technological innovations with societal and organizational change. Human centric development is at the heart of his value based approach. Always focusing on the needs of citizens, customers and employees that are involved.

Remy Knecht

With his vast experience, incredible knowledge and 'can do' mentality, Remy thrives in challenging circumstances and always comes up with practical solutions based on State-of-the-Art technology and impecable business insights. Safety, security and convenience are the principles he lives by. Making sure that companies and governments make the right choices and have a sustainable impact while preserving the resiliency of the ecosystem or organization.

Why would you work with us?


We only work with experts and executives who have proven their worth in practice on a global level. Priceless know-how  at the tip of your fingers.


Because of our global network we are able to always find a solution for your challenge. We have direct access to State-of-the-Art technology and Best-in-Class experts.

State-of the-Art

We respect the old, but we love the new! Moving forward is what we do. Tiressly and fully convinced that technology can upgrade our quality of life. 


We create and translate abstract visions into innovative strategies, understandable principles and solid results. Impact by default!

Progess Management

21st Century Digital Leadership

We help you make progress in every aspect of your organization and create value for you, your employees, your customers/citizens and make sure the impact is sustainable. Growing by doing, and again!

Our approach can been seen as dynamic, flexible and based on iterations thanks to the continuous feedback from the most relevant stakeholders. We promise to deliver results and make you feel, see and experience the progress that you wanted in the first place. Life cycle consultancy at its best!

Partners in Purpose

Value Adding Partners

Digie has over 50 experts and executives available with experience in the public and private sector. Highly qualified experts who have been in your position and have seen and created the future for their government, company or community. We cover every aspect of a successful digital transformation with our deep knowledge of technology, policy, legal frameworks and the cutural changes needed to succeed. Our value adding partners come from Estonia, The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Signapore, Taiwan and United States.

Goals DigitalReadinessAssessment Strategy 041773 009bd9 554663 bdb6d8 7c7c7c adadad Dashboard Roadmaps Impact

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