Digie is a highly specialized boutique consultancy firm working on global challenges. We create impact by combining technology, consultancy and design and bring people together through events, proof of concepts, pilots and coalitions of the doing.  Purpose driven leadership is what inspires us to do more with and for society.


Digital Interaction Evolution

The interaction between humans (human to human, human to machine) and machines (machine to machine) is changing, fast. New technologies have changed the way we communicate and interact entirely. We call this transformation the Digital Interaction Evolution, also known as Digie.

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Through our services and hands-on approach we create instant value for your organization, customers, citizens and employees. We believe in inclusive transitions where both the economic and social value increases within your organization or the ecosystem we shape together.


We have in depth expertise on topics such as: Digital Identities,  Data Management, Cybersecurity, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, AI/Machine Learning, VR/AR, Cloud Computing and Blockchain. To create digital trust, Digie focuses on 4 pillars.

Digital Identities

As almost everything is ‘connected’ the need for trustworthy identities will grow extensively. Not only for humans, but also for devices and objects in the era of the Internet of Things. Digie has a clear view on the future of digital identities, creating a hybrid model connecting central and decentralized solutions and bridging the gap between human identities and those of devices or objects. 


Digital identities will play a major role in securing our personal and work environments. With our in-depth knowledge and knowhow we can transform the Internet of Insecure Things to a next generation ecosystem that is safe, secure and supports society in the best way possible. Creating, among others,  your cloud strategies, machine learning labs and Zero Trust ecosystems.


Learning by doing is what we embody, but not without a thorough analyses of the situation and the progress made during a pilot, proof of concept or soft-launch of a product or service. Together with well-known R&D hubs and universities we conduct research and provide validated results that can be used as input for legislation or as a - global or European -standard.


We believe, and have proven, that it is possible to create governance,
policy and legal frameworks that fit the need of this time. Frameworks that are based on risk awareness, but still enable our society or company to grow, and do so responsibly. We can ensure that these new technologies serve the people and not the other way around.


Transforming your future

In times when companies,cities and communities are looking to digital solutions to tackle a growing range of interconnected challenges, we must focus our efforts so that the available digital solutions help to create places where people enjoy living and working. A future where everyone can enjoy the social and economic benefits of our work.